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Consul's Corner

His Majesty's Consul General, Rachel Galloway
Rachel Galloway's Biography

As the senior UK government representative in the Southeast United States, I lead a team that works to promote UK-US trade and investment, support British nationals, conduct public diplomacy on key issues and build scientific and research cooperation.

The following information about the work of the Consulate General in Atlanta will give you a clear idea of our people, priorities and programmes throughout the Southeast.  We are here to help if you need advice or assistance.

 Political, Press and Public Affairs   Trade Policy   Prosperity   Consular   Science and Innovation Network   Welsh Government

Political, Press and Public Affairs

  • Oversees and implements all public diplomacy activities on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government in the Southeastern US.
  • Acts as the first point-of-contact for the general pubic and media.
  • Engages senior government officials, politicians, and other leaders on matters of importance to the British Government.
  • Reports on significant events and political/policy developments to colleagues in Washington and London.
  • Promotes British institutions, initiatives, and commercial activity across traditional and social media.
  • Coordinates visits to the South-East from VIP individuals and delegations.
  • Administers the Marshall Scholarship selection process and maintains primary responsibility for educational initiatives.

Trade Policy

  • Promote a deeper economic relationship between the UK and the US.
  • Influence key political and business stakeholders for a positive outcome for the UK-US Free Trade Agreement.
  • Address and help mitigate market access barriers with team in DC and London. Barriers may exist at the state and/or federal level.
  • Work with the Department for International Trade and with Political, Press and Public Affairs colleagues to bring together trade promotion and trade policy to get strong results for British policy and economic outcomes.
  • Based Trade Policy Officer is TBD.


  • Leads energy and climate change initiatives across the Southeast using UK expertise.
  • Builds a network of advocates to help build long term support for climate action across state governments, the business community and civil society.
  • Supports the Senior Trade Policy Advisor in trade policy initiatives across the Southeast, outreach to promote a UK/US Free Trade Agreement.


Objectives are to advocate up for the British people living, travelling and working around the world when they are most in need by:

  • Providing high quality, accessible consular services globally, focussed on those most in need.
  • Responding rapidly to all overseas crises, leading cross-government action.
  • Reducing preventable incidents affecting British people overseas through collaboration with partners and governments.

Click here for information on services available to British citizens living, travelling, or working in the US.


Science and Innovation Network

SIN is a global network of science diplomats that facilitates collaboration between the UK and host country research institutions in emerging areas of science and technology. It normally operates under specific verticals such as:

  • Health and Life Science
  • Agritech
  • Clean Energy
  • Digital/AI/Robotics

Welsh Government

  • The Welsh Government is based in the UK’s Atlanta Consulate. Its key southern markets are Georgia, Florida, Texas, N Carolina, but we have activity across the South.
  • The Welsh Government work closely with DIT to promote Wales alongside the wider UK offer. We have a focus on both foreign direct investment and trade. Priority sectors for Wales in the US are cyber, compound semiconductors and TV& film, where Wales has particular strengths. But we also support business activity across all parts of the economy, for example we had a Welsh presence at the aviation showcase MRO America in Atlanta in 2019.

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